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Gwangju City stresses the need for innovative leadership for public service leaders to achieve a "Super-Difference."

Name : adminDate : 2019-11-05 14:4616
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| Collecting abilities of public institutions to create the AI Hub City Gwangju
| The Mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City advises 'innovation' as a survival strategy in these times of change and speed
| The Korea AI Cluster Forum held on 23rd

Gwangju Metropolitan City held a meeting with twenty-four leading public organizations in the conference room of the city hall on the 21st, presided over by Mayor Lee Yong-sup. They shared various pending issues with each organization.

On the same day, each organization shared key issues with each other and consolidated their communication and cooperation sectors. Prior to discussing the pending issues, the Gwangju Institute of Green Car Advancement announced an outstanding innovation case dubbed 'Creating an Innovation Cluster for Gwangju Automotive Industry,' introducing their many achievements.

At the meeting, Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-sup demanded for the heads of public organizations to combine their capabilities and create the AI Hub City Gwangju following the Gwangju-style job model, and to repeat the similar innovation strategies for the survival and prosperity in face paced change and speed of the 21st century.

“This is the only breakthrough that Gwangju has to surpass other global cities in the fourth industrial revolution. Gwangju has been making milestone achievements, including the establishment of the 'Committee for AI Hub City Gwangju’; which is the collaboration of the AI Task Force and the AI university in corporation; the selection of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) AI graduate school; and the upcoming visit of Silicon Valley”, said Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-sup.

"It is our mission to establish South Korea as one of the top four artificial intelligence powers by succeeding in the Gwangju-type artificial intelligence business model following the Gwangju-type job model. We needed a lot of attention from public institutions at the first AI cluster forum in Korea, which was held on the 23rd.", he added.

"In this era of change and speed in the 21st century, the strategy for survival and prosperity is innovation," said Mayor Lee.

"We don't follow past examples or stay within the set framework, but we create a difference with the willingness of bold innovative leaders and the voluntary practices of our members."

Mayor Lee said he would be briefed on the results of each agency's performance at the meeting in December, and he hoped that his efforts would come to fruition with valuable results until the end. Meanwhile, the vice-head meetings attended by the heads of the organizations and the Deputy Mayor for Administrative Affairs has been conducted regularly every other month since February; being held nine times in total.

The city of Gwangju plans to continue the meetings with the corporate leaders and vice-leaders of the aforementioned organizations in order to strengthen communication and cooperation with public institutions.