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Gwangju to hold hearings on military airport relocation

Name : adminDate : 2019-05-15 16:054
Gwangju to hold hearings on military airport relocation

The City of Gwangju said Tuesday that it is planning to hold a series of hearings on the military airport relocation to its candidate sites.

While answering to Councilor Jeong Moo Chang’s question, the City explained its officials are in preparation for the hearings in close consultation with the Ministry of Defense and Jeollanamdo.

The City said it is focusing on providing information to resolve misunderstanding on possible noise issues and restriction of international airport operation.

The City plans to establish the new military airport 1.9 times bigger than the current facility and hopes to create a noise buffer zone to resolve noise complaints while pushing to form a cooperative group with its Gwangsangu, Jeollanamdo and the host city to set up support measures.