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Jeollanamdo holds May 18 commemoration in Mokpo

Name : adminDate : 2019-05-15 16:068
Jeollanamdo holds May 18 commemoration in Mokpo

Jeollanamdo held a commemorative event for the May 18 Democratic Uprising at Mokpo Station Plaza on Tuesday.

The event was organized for all citizens in the province to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the democratization movement by local civic groups.

Some 3,000 people attended the event including Jeonnam Governor Kim Yeong Rok, Chairman Lee Yong Jae of the Provincial Council and Superintendent Jang Seok Woong of the Provincial Education Office as well as local lawmakers such as Park Jie Won, Seo Sam Seok and Yoon So Ha.

The event staged a play dubbed Namdo’s May Flower shedding new light on the historic value of May 18. Various events took place on the sidelines including rice ball sharing, a photo exhibition and candle lighting.